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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Deja vu all over again: Netanyahu slams Obama for speaking without checking the facts

Where have we heard this story before? A White House meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Hussein Obama is accompanied by an Israeli 'announcement' that it would 'move ahead' with the construction of 2,610 housing units in 'east Jerusalem.' The White House and the State Department blast Netanyahu within an hour after he leaves the White House.
Officials chose to publicly admonish the Israeli government only an hour after its premier left the building, presumably deciding on the language as the two leaders met in the Oval Office.

"This development will only draw condemnation from the international community," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said afterwards. "It also would call into question Israel's ultimate commitment to a peaceful negotiated settlement with the Palestinians."

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki came out with similar language as Netanyahu departed for Joint Base Andrews air force base.
But the apartments were approved in 2012.
The homes will be built in Givat Hamatos, an area of the city that Palestinians believe should be a part of their future state.

The Jerusalem Municipality approved the project in December 2012, but waited almost two years - until the date of the bilateral meeting - to place news of the approval in a local Israeli paper, according to Peace Now, an organization opposed to Israel's presence beyond its 1967 borders.
Really? They weren't announced until now? Hmmm.

Prime Minister Netanyahu harshly rejected the criticism, which now seemed to deal as much with seven existing buildings in Silwan, and not with 2,610 apartments in Givat HaMatos. This is from the first link in the paragraph.
Netanyahu, in a briefing in New York with reporters who accompanied him on his trip to the US, said that as Israel’s prime minister he did not understand the criticism of Jews legally buying and moving into property in Jerusalem.

“Arabs in Jerusalem freely buy apartments, and nobody says that is forbidden. I will also not say that Jews cannot buy property in Jerusalem. There cannot be discrimination between Jews and Arabs,” he said.

Netanyahu said that nobody “stole” the houses in Jerusalem or took them over by force. “This is a normal process, and I see no reason to discriminate,” he said.

Just hours before, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the US condemned the “occupation of residential buildings in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan in east Jerusalem -- this is near the old city -- by individuals who are associated with an organization whose agenda, by definition, stokes tensions between Israelis and Palestinians.”

Earnest said that the moves by Elad are “provocative acts” that only serve “to escalate tensions at a moment when those tensions have already been high.”

Earnest also slammed Israel in very harsh language for moving forward with planning for homes in the Givat Hamatos area in south Jerusalem. The anti-settlement Peace Now group made another technical step taken at the local planning level last week on Givat Hamatos public on Wednesday, just prior to the Obama-Netanyahu meeting.

“This step is contrary to Israel's stated goal of negotiating a permanent status agreement with the Palestinians,” Earnest said.

“This development will only draw condemnation from the international community, distance Israel from even its closest allies, poison the atmosphere, not only with the Palestinians but also with the very Arab governments with which Prime Minister Netanyahu said he wanted to build relations.”
Oh, and by the way, it wasn't Netanyahu's government that made that 'poorly timed' announcement about Givat HaMatos during the meeting. It was 'Peace Now.'
Without mentioning Peace Now by name, Netanyahu said the group demonstrated a “lack of national responsibility” by publicizing this in order to “harm the meeting.” He said that it was not a “coincidence” that Peace Now publicized the information on Wednesday morning, and that it was meant to sabotage his meeting with Obama.
Netanyahu also said that neither Silwan nor Givat HaMatos came up during his meeting with Hussein Obama. But Israel Radio reports that they did come up.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly leveled unusually stern criticism of the White House's decision to criticize Israeli plans to build 1,610 homes in Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem during his meeting with President Barack Obama.
Israeli public radio quoted Netanyahu as telling Obama in talks in Washington Wednesday to "study the facts and details before making statements" about the building plan.
Netanyahu's reported comments to Obama echoed similar statement he made to journalists following the meeting, in which he rejected US criticism as discriminatory.
"It’s worth learning the information properly before deciding to take a position like that," he said of the statement.
But the bottom line is that as much as it may bother Obama, both he and Netanyahu now recognize that the 'Palestinian question' is not a high priority item. The difference between them is that Netanyahu still regards Iran as the priority, while Obama is much more concerned about Islamic State. Of course, Obama is not concerned enough to take effective action against Islamic State, but we've heard that one before as well.

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Of course: Leftist AG's office clears B'Tselem as 'national service'

National Service (Sheirut Leumi) is a substitute for army service which is undertaken by many religious Jewish women (and some religious Jewish men) who won't serve in the army on religious grounds, as well as by people who have physical impediments to serving in the army... and by some conscientious objector types. About six weeks ago, the service's director - Sar Shalom Jerbi - issued a directive stating that volunteering at B'Tselem, our Holocaust-denying anti-Israel propaganda machine, did not constitute national service. Our Leftist Attorney General's office has now overruled that decision, which means that providing anti-Israel propaganda to the biased Schabas Commission will now be deemed 'national service' to the State of Israel.
On Tuesday Deputy Attorney General Dina Zilber announced that the decision was null and void.
Zilber said that Jerbi can strip an organization of the right to receive national service volunteers only if the organization rejects Israel’s existence as a Jewish and democratic state, incites to violence, terror or racism, or supports terrorism or armed struggle against Israel. However, she said, he failed to prove that B’Tselem does any of these.
Jerbi had cited two interviews B’Tselem director Hagai El-Ad gave during the war, one to the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera television network and another to Radio Tel Aviv, as evidence that the organization supports or incites to terror. But Zilber deemed this evidence “weak.”
Moreover, she said, the agency is obligated to treat all organizations equally, and the fact that Jerbi hadn’t investigated other groups whose activities are similar to those of B’Tselem “also paints the decision in a problematic hue from the standpoint of equality.”
Jerbi’s decision, Zilber wrote, “opens the door to politicization of the National Civilian Service Administration, which is liable to use its authority to deny recognition only to certain groups, thereby imposing an economic and public price tag on them, only because of statements that are controversial on one side of the political spectrum.”
Jerbi said he would honor Zilber’s decision, but also plans to explore other ways “to prevent the absurd situation in which the State of Israel,” via its provision of national service volunteers, “continues financing an organization that accused Israel Defense Forces soldiers and the State of Israel of committing war crimes during Operation Protective Edge [in Gaza] and libeled it around the world.”
Jerbi is seemingly faced with the Hobson's choice of providing national service volunteers to numerous anti-Israel organizations, or finding the budget to investigate all of them. What could go wrong?

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Another Pallywood hoax?

Some of you may recall an incident in the summer in which four 'Palestinian' kids were killed on a Gaza beach in what was claimed to be a strike by Israeli gunboats. At the time, I told you not to rush to conclusions, that we had seen something like this before and it turned out to have been caused by a Hamas land mine.

Thomas Wictor has analyzed the incident, and has extensive photographic and video evidence that it was not caused by an IDF gunboat strike.
I can’t tell you what actually happened, but the boys weren’t playing soccer, the target was legitimate, and the IDF did not deliberately kill children. Yes, the Israelis took responsibility for the deaths; however, the IDF stopped using the M825A1 smoke shell for no reason. The IDF was also unable to determine how Mustafa Tamimi and Bassem Abu Rahmeh died. From the standpoints of PR and forensic investigation, the IDF needs major reform.
Knowing what I do about Hamas, my gut tells me that someone tossed a hand grenade. At close range that would cause all the wounds, burn the children, and tear off their clothes.
Hamas are just the type of creatures to instantly exploit a situation by murdering children.
Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, Zakaria Bakr, and Mohammed Bakr were living souls, not objects to be used in film production.

Read and view the whole thing.

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The Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition

Pamela Geller is trying to make everyone aware of the role Qatar plays in financing and supporting terror. Here's an example. It's a letter sent to CNN President Jeffrey Zucker.
This letter is being sent to you on behalf of the Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition. The purpose is to inform you and the public of the activities of the state of Qatar. CNN regularly solicits the opinion of policy experts and fellows from Brookings Doha, which receives millions of dollars in funding from Qatar. CNN.com also featured a prominent ad for the Qatar Foundation.
We urge to you read the information below, which includes evidence that Qatar is arguably the preeminent sponsor of terror in the world today. It is a benefactor of the genocidal armies of ISIS, al Qaeda, and Boko Haram; it is involved in Taliban narcotics trafficking through a relationship with the Pakistani National Logistics Cell; and profits from operating a virtual slave state. Qatar is involved in terror operations from Nigeria to Gaza to India to Syria to Iraq.
So the public understands why this letter is addressed to you, the president of CNN, here are some facts pertaining to CNN’s involvement with Qatar.
  • Following the overthrow of the pro-Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohamed Morsi, who simultaneously backed and supported Qatar, the CNN Global Public Square blog featured an interview with Gregory Gause III, professor of political science at the University of Vermont and non-resident senior fellow at the Brookings Doha Center. Prof. Gause expressed disapproval of the ouster of the government of Morsi, a close ally of Qatar.
  • In August 2014, during the Israel-Gaza war, the CNN Global Public Square blog featured an op-ed by Sultan Barakat, Director of Research at Brookings Doha. Barakat was especially critical of Israel, which he accused of “disregard for basic civilian infrastructure” in Gaza, and stated that Israel “clearly prefers an underdeveloped ghetto to a viable foreign country [in Gaza].”
  • [CNN.]com featured a special advertising page for the Qatar Foundation. This ad linked to “a 30-minute monthly feature program … that seeks to capture the dynamism and broad range of cultural diversity in … the Middle East.” The Qatar Foundation, with the Emir of Qatar, established the Al-Qaradawi Research Center. Yusuf al-Qaradawi is the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and a vocal supporter of violent jihad.
In light of Qatar’s consistent and vocal support for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, we ask that you consider the attached sourced report on Qatar’s activities. The links cited are vetted and credible sources. We hope you take the time to verify the truth of the statements for yourself.
After doing so, the Coalition of the Qatar Awareness Campaign calls on you to exert due influence on the Qatari government to cease any type of involvement in all forms of Islamic terrorism, slavery, and drug trafficking!
Read the whole thing.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A deal at any price?

The Tower cites a Wall Street Journal report that indicates that Western negotiators are so desperate for a deal with Iran that they are offering more significant sanctions relief for a deal that would not stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
Iran has been pushing for a quick lifting of all Western and United Nations Security Council sanctions, according to Western diplomats. They have said some of Iran’s demands about the pace of easing economic pressure are unrealistic.
However the diplomat said Iran would get “substantial” economic relief early on if they complete a deal.
“In return for the implementation by Iran of verifiable nuclear-related actions which address our key concerns … we are ready to offer a substantial relief of economic and financial sanctions at an early stage,” the person said.
The Journal has also confirmed earlier reports that the West offered to let Iran 'unplug' its centrifuges rather than destroying them, a step that could be reversed in a matter of days.

The Tower adds:
While sanctions are cited as the impetus that forced Iran to negotiate, a report this July showed that the relaxing of sanctions over the course of the interim deal had eroded the West’s leverage with Iran in negotiations.
What could go wrong? 

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Can you imagine flying like this but have a Kosher airline meal for food?

This is WAY off topic, but I would love to try this out some time. Yes, he's on an airplane from Singapore to New York with a layover in Frankfurt for a couple of hours on the way.

You can read all about it (and see many pictures) here.

Etihad Airlines also has this and they are in my frequent flier program.

Let's go to the videotape.

Alas, there is little chance of me ever getting to do this.... I mean, what are the odds of me ever flying to or from Abu Dhabi (especially when all the flights to the United States seem to be ineligible for mileage)? But it really looks like fun....


Israel to trade live terrorists for body parts?

Israel is holding back channel talks with the 'Palestinian Authority' relating to Gaza, in which it is making concessions and receiving nothing in return.
This secret backchannel of communications puts senior Israeli officials in contact with ['Palestinian Prime Minister' Rami] Hamdallah, and runs in parallel to indirect talks in Cairo between Israel and Hamas and other Gaza terror factions. Israel and Palestinians agreed last Tuesday to resume talks late next month on cementing a Gaza ceasefire, allowing time for Palestinian factions to resolve their divisions. 
A senior official within the Palestinian Authority has told Ynet that the Israeli official met with Hamdallah on Tuesday evening, and the two discussed ways in which Israel can alleviate the suffering of Gazans in wake of the Operation Protective Edge.

A senior Israeli political official confirmed the report, telling Ynet that the talks were "coordination intended to change the situation on the ground."


"The goal is to make sure that there is oversight about what is happening in Gaza, and that can be done either with the UN or the Palestinian Authority. For the PA to do that, we need to coordinate our moves and change the situation on the ground for regular Gazans. The goal is to solidify the ceasefire."

The Ramallah meeting highlights the fact that communication between Israel and the Palestinians is conducted on two levels: The public, albeit indirect, channel in Cairo, mediated by the Egyptians and led by Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmed, in which Hamas is also a partner; and the secret channel, revealed here for the first time.

The two central issues the sides discussed in the meeting– both of which are of the utmost importance for Gaza's residents – are permitting men over 60 to enter Jerusalem for religious services during the Muslim holy days, and allowing Gaza-made produce and goods (namely, fish) to be exported to the West Bank.

Another issue being negotiated is easing some of the restrictions barring young Gazans from attending West Bank universities or even studying abroad.

Other restriction-alleviating measures that were willingly conceded by Israel have already been made public, such as an increase the number of merchants allowed to travel from Gaza to the West Bank to 200 a day; raising the age limit of Gazans allowed to visit family outside of the Strip to 16; and permitting humanitarian visits for grandparents.

In the meantime, in Cairo, the delegations are working on the toughest issue of all – the border crossings between Israel and Gaza (as well as Gaza and Egypt) and who oversees them. The possibility that goods made in Gaza will be exported abroad is also being discussed.
I am in favor of letting the 'Palestinian Authority' rather than the United Nations run Gaza. It's much easier diplomatically to take action against the 'Palestinian Authority' if necessary. 

But Arutz Sheva reports that there is also an exchange of live terrorists for the body parts of two Israeli soldiers who were killed in the summer war that is on the verge of being finalized. Why are we once again trading live terrorists for bodies? What could go wrong?

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A tempest in a teapot boiled up by Jodi Rudoren

For the Jewish New Year last week, the Jewish state published a list of the most popular names given to Jewish boys and girls during the Jewish year 5774. Sounds logical, right? Not if you're the New York Times' Jodi Rudoren (who, of course, is also Jewish). Jodi complains that what they didn't tell you is that the most popular boys' name in Israel was Mohammed, a fact that I heard in more places than I'd like to remember.
But even more striking was that Israel’s population authority left Muhammad off the annual Top 10 list of baby names it issued last week before Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. Haaretz, the left-leaning Israeli daily that first reported the omission, called this in an editorial “another form of racism, which in Israel has become institutionalized and self-evident.”
Sabine Haddad, a spokeswoman for the agency that published the list, described the missing Muhammads as something between a mistake and a misunderstanding. The list, she said, was simply a response to requests “for Hebrew names” in conjunction with the start of “the Hebrew New Year.” It would have been better, she acknowledged, to put an asterisk noting that what she called “obviously Arabic names” were left off. “There was no intention, no political intention,” Ms. Haddad said in an interview. “When journalists called me and asked for the whole list, they received the whole list. It’s not that we hide that.”
Intent aside, Hassan Jabareen, director of Adalah, a legal advocacy center for Arab minority rights, said the episode revealed a deeper issue of invisibility for Israel’s 1.4 million Palestinian citizens and more than 300,000 Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem.
Arabs have served in Israel’s Parliament since its opening in 1949, but only one has been a government minister. A 2011 Adalah report found that 6 percent of the state’s Civil Service jobs and 1.2 percent of tenure-track positions in universities were filled by Arabs.
“On TV, if we open Channel 1, Channel 2, Channel 10, in prime time, we don’t see Arabs as producers, as anchors — we don’t see them, they do not exist,” Mr. Jabareen complained. Each channel has an analyst of Arab affairs, but they are Jews, he added, “sending a message that in fact the Arabs are foreigners, this is why we need a mediator between us and them.”
Yes, there is job discrimination against Arabs and everyone here knows it. But there is also job discrimination here against anyone who is not from Ashkenazi (Western) background and often also against anyone who is not secular Ashkenazi and against anyone who hasn't served in the army. It's not just the Arabs.

Second, yes there are jobs here from which Arabs are generally systematically excluded. Anything remotely connected to national security, for example (does anyone wonder why?).

Third, the Arab affairs analysts are meant to explain the Arab viewpoint to Jews - not to propagandize. The only Arab I can think of in this country who could be entrusted to do that is Khaled Abu Toameh, and I suspect that he had wished to do so, he could have been an Arab affairs analyst for one of the television stations a long, long time ago.

Fourth, how many Arabs have the advanced university degrees that are required for many civil service jobs? 

Fifth, when have the 'Israeli Arab' parties shown an interest in this sort of thing? What percentage of 'Israeli Arabs' vote in any Israeli election (hint: much lower than the percentage of Jews who vote).

By the way, how many Jews are there in civil service jobs in any Arab country? How many Jewish professors are there in any Arab universities? (How many universities are there in the Arab world anywhere outside the 'Palestinian Authority')? How many Arab countries even have Jewish affairs analysts at all? How many Arab countries have given up hope of extirpating the Jewish state?

Sorry, Jodi, this story is way out of line.

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Obama gives douches a bad name

And the book is still overpriced.

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'Obama's dentist' is coming to the White House

With Prime Minister Netanyahu scheduled to visit the White House on Wednesday for the first time in seven months, Haaretz's Chemi Shalev reports that President Hussein Obama is looking forward to the meeting like one would look forward to a dentist appointment.
The administration, meanwhile, is looking forward to Netanyahu’s visit on Wednesday like one anticipates a dentist’s appointment or a pestering grumpy uncle who just called to say that he must come over. Unlike Modi, Obama doesn’t seem to have much interest in clearing the bad blood or turning over a new leaf with Netanyahu nor does he appear to harbor any hope that Netanyahu will suddenly emerge as a partner to U.S. diplomatic initiatives in the area. Were it not for the war on Islamic State – and the upcoming Congressional elections – Obama would have likely tried to find a plausible excuse to call in sick for his White House meeting.

Perhaps Obama ought to consider the difference between Israeli attitudes toward terrorism and 'Palestinian' attitudes. Of course, to do that, Obama would first have to understand the conflict by ridding himself of the pre-conceived Leftist notions on which he was seemingly suckled from birth.
Netanyahu's agenda for Wednesday's meeting is predictable. It's also predictable that the discussions will lead nowhere. Obama just isn't interested, and is not going to spend any more political capital in this region unless he has to. It's a pity that what he spent was totally mismanaged and therefore wasted. Arrogance dies hard in Washington.

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#BDS_Fail: BDS'ers cause Port of Oakland to lose business to LA

For the second time in recent weeks, a ship owned by an Israeli company was prevented from unloading at the Port of Oakland (California). But this time, instead of circling around until it could sneak in, the ship sailed for the Port of Los Angeles, arriving on Tuesday morning. If this works out, Zim may use Los Angeles, rather than Oakland as a port of call, which could result in a loss of jobs in a very hard-hit port.
The Zim Shanghai docked in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, according to tracking by the website marinetraffic.com. It was still carrying its original cargo.

The ship, which is owned by Zim Integrated Shipping Services, Israel’s largest shipping company, was unable to unload Saturday after some 200 activists prevented workers at the Oakland Port from getting near the ship. Approximately 50 police officers were on hand but did not intervene.

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union released a statement saying, “The ILWU is not among the groups organizing the protests, and the leadership and membership of the ILWU have taken no position on the Israel/Gaza conflict.”

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Imagine this headline: 'PMO exempts Gaza airstrikes from tight standards on civilian deaths'

The headline above is imaginary. But imagine the outcry if it were true. That headline is based on this headline, which is real: 'White House exempts Syria airstrikes from tight standards on civilian deaths' (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
The White House has acknowledged for the first time that strict standards President Obama imposed last year to prevent civilian deaths from U.S. drone strikes will not apply to U.S. military operations in Syria and Iraq.
A White House statement to Yahoo News confirming the looser policy came in response to questions about reports that as many as a dozen civilians, including women and young children, were killed when a Tomahawk missile struck the village of Kafr Daryan in Syria's Idlib province on the morning of Sept. 23.
The village has been described by Syrian rebel commanders as a reported stronghold of the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front where U.S officials believed members of the so-called Khorasan group were plotting attacks against international aircraft.
But at a briefing for members and staffers of the House Foreign Affairs Committee late last week, Syrian rebel commanders described women and children being hauled from the rubble after an errant cruise missile destroyed a home for displaced civilians. Images of badly injured children also appeared on YouTube, helping to fuel anti-U.S. protests in a number of Syrian villages last week.
Asked about the strike at Kafr Daryan, a U.S. Central Command spokesman said Tuesday that U.S. military “did target a Khorasan group compound near this location. However, we have seen no evidence at this time to corroborate claims of civilian casualties.” But Caitlin Hayden, a spokesperson for the National Security Council, told Yahoo News that Pentagon officials “take all credible allegations seriously and will investigate” the reports.  
At the same time, however, Hayden said that a much-publicized White House policy that President Obama announced last year barring U.S. drone strikes unless there is a “near certainty” there will be no civilian casualties — "the highest standard we can meet," he said at the time — does not cover the current U.S. airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.
The “near certainty” standard was intended to apply “only when we take direct action ‘outside areas of active hostilities,’ as we noted at the time,” Hayden said in an email. “That description — outside areas of active hostilities — simply does not fit what we are seeing on the ground in Iraq and Syria right now.”
That's a hole you could drive a truck - or fly a fighter jet - through. When would it ever be the case that a democracy takes 'direct action'  in an area that is 'outside areas of active hostilities.' I would argue that there are always 'active hostilities' in Gaza. Heck, the IDF has caught two infiltrators from there in the last three days trying to carry out terror attacks.

So I think the IDF should announce that it is adopting President Obama's 'near certainty' standard, except when President Obama wouldn't adopt it.

Otherwise, we'd be condoning a double standard.

Aren't you glad that Obama never got around to adopting the Rome Statute and joining the International Criminal Court? Otherwise, the US could find itself in the dock for that statement.

(Fat chance the IDF would adopt Obama's 'near certainty' standard. The IDF really is the most moral army in the world).

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American Airlines ending frequent flier relationship with El Al

This is bad news for people like me who, while accumulating miles on American and other OneWorld partners, often end up doing their award travel on El Al. American and El Al are ending the relationship.
Effective November 1, 2014, flights taken on El Al will not accrue AAdvantage miles due to the discontinuation of American's frequent flyer relationship with EL AL.
All award travel on EL AL must be booked and ticketed by October 31, 2014. Travel is valid one year after ticket date, and must be completed by October 31, 2015. No changes to the EL AL segments are allowed during that period.
Note that the cut off is relatively sudden (that notice wasn't there a few days ago). I wonder if it's because Qatari Airways, Malaysian and Royal Jordanian are part of American's program (the first two are relatively recent additions) or because El Al was so stingy about letting you accrue miles on American.  Also, I wonder how this affects their code share relationships (which are extensive), and whether El Al will manage to put together a relationship with another group. Hmmm.


More here

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Netanyahu slams 'brazen lies' told by Obama

Some of you might not have realized it, but when during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, Prime Minister Netanyahu slammed 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen for his 'brazen lies,' he was also slamming US President Hussein Obama for his 'brazen lies' in the process.
Just five days earlier, President Obama had made a shocking assertion in his role as president while speaking on the world stage. He claimed that there were “too many Israelis ready to abandon the hard work of peace.”  Obama scolded: “that’s something worthy of reflection within Israel.”
Not only did President Obama not include Palestinians in this demeaning and defamatory slur, he proceeded to equate “rockets fired at innocent Israelis” with “Palestinian children taken from us in Gaza.” Not “taken from us” by Hamas who used them as human fodder in their attempted annihilation of Israel.  But apparently “taken from us” by those Israelis not interested in peace.
No Israeli Prime Minister could allow such an attack to go unanswered. And so Netanyahu began his remarks by daring President Obama to distinguish between his battle against ISIS and Israel’s battle with Hamas.  
Said Netanyahu: “the people of Israel pray for peace, but our hopes and the world’s hopes for peace are in danger because everywhere we look militant Islam in on the march.”
 It's long past time for the arrogant Obama to be put in his place. Read the whole thing.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

And now it's the NFL's turn to coddle Muslims

Last Monday night, I was in Boston and listened to part of the Monday night football game on the radio and heard this punt return by the Atlanta Falcons' Devin Hester which broke an all time record for touchdown returns (it was Hester's 20th - mostly with the Chicago Bears.

Let's go to the videotape.


Hester's team was penalized 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff for that little display of unsportsmanlike conduct at the end. The broadcasters thought that was a bit unfair because it was a record-breaking run, but the penalty stood and there was no real discussion about it in the morning.

Last night, the Kansas City Chiefs' Husain Abdullah intercepted my team's quarterback Tom Brady, and returned the interception for a touchdown.

Let's go to the videotape.


Abdullah's team was penalized 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff for that little display of unsportsmanlike conduct at the end. I was in Israel and this happened while I was in synagogue this morning, so I did not hear what the broadcasters thought about it, but the penalty stood. But there was a lot of discussion about it in the morning. Abdullah is a Muslim. And the NFL was forced to apologize (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
His celebration drew a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but the NFL said Tuesday that Abdullah should not have been penalized.
The league’s rule book prohibits players from celebrating while on the ground, but spokesman Michael Signora wrote in an email Tuesday that “the officiating mechanic in this situation is not to flag a player who goes to the ground as part of religious expression, and as a result, there should have been no penalty on the play.”

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article2324330.html#storylink=cpy
Huh? Never heard that exception before. Hester's high-step wasn't religious enough? Oh wait, Hester didn't have the backing of CAIR.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil liberties and advocacy organization, issued a statement early Tuesday asking that the NFL take steps in response to the penalty.
“To prevent the appearance of a double standard, we urge league officials to clarify the policy on prayer and recognize that the official made a mistake in this case,” CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said.
Actually, I think the penalty prevented the appearance of a double standard.  Abdullah did something remarkably similar to what Hester did. Both were penalized. Sounds fair to me. Sounds fair to Abduallh's coach too.
Game officials didn’t say anything to Abdullah after the play, but Chiefs coach Andy Reid did when Abdullah came to the sideline.
“He said, ‘You can’t slide,’” Abdullah said.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article2324330.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article2324330.html#storylink=cp
But Abdullah is allowed to slide... and to bow in the end zone. Maybe the next time, he can keep his prayer rug on the back of his pants.

Sorry but that penalty was earned. I have no problem with it.

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'Palestinians' call for death penalty for broker of seven buildings sold to Jews in 'east' Jerusalem

One night in the summer of 1964, we came home and found a delegation of neighbors on the doorstep of our Natick, Massachusetts home. I was a little kid at the time, but I heard afterward what had happened. Our family was moving to Newton - another Boston suburb which is closer in - and my parents had sold our house to a black family. The neighbors were furious and wanted to buy the house to keep the neighborhood lily white. Yes, in Blue Massachusetts. My father z"l (of blessed memory) told them where to get off.

I think of that story every time I hear a story like this one.

Under police guard, Jewish families moved into seven buildings in the 'east' Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan - right outside the Old City - on Tuesday, as the former owners of the building and the broker who sold them fled, and a 'Palestinian Authority' official called for the death penalty for the broker.
In the latest case, all of the homes were purchased legally by Elad via intermediaries, usually Palestinian brokers who buy the properties from local families at inflated prices.

At one house, Khaled Karaeen, 62 and a father of six, sat with his head in his hands in the courtyard of his home, edgily flicking worry beads, unable to believe what had happened.

Relatives said one of Karaeen's sons had sold a dwelling inside the grounds of the family home to a Palestinian broker about a year ago for 1.2 million shekels ($300,000), around twice as much as the property was probably worth.

Karaeen refused to speak to visitors on Tuesday, with family members saying he was too ashamed by what his son had done. Karaeen's brother said he had spoken by phone to the son, who had fled to the north of Israel.

In the past, Palestinians found to have sold their homes to settler organizations have been killed.

The broker had then sold the apartment to Elad, which then rented it out to the Jewish residents, who moved in during the early hours of Tuesday morning with the help of Israeli police.

The Jewish family, which declined to be interviewed, had barricaded themselves inside, blocking a yellow door that opens onto Karaeen's courtyard. Karaeen sat three meters (10 feet) away.
I was going to make a sarcastic remark about how giving the 'Palestinians' a 'state' would make them more willing to live among Jews. Alas, even that remark is out of place.
"They want to make a joke of us," said Fadi Maragha, a local representative of the Palestinian political party Fatah, who said he had come to offer support to the family.

"They think they can drive us out. But we are the landowners. We were here and we will be here until we have all of Palestine without any Jewish people in it," he said.

Asked what would happen to the son and the broker to whom he had sold the property, Maragha said he felt they should die, but he did not expect that to happen.

"We know who the broker is. He's living in a town south of Jerusalem," he said. "But he's rich and he's protected, including by the Israelis." 
Funny. I once owned a home in New Jersey and I sold it 23 years ago. Does that mean I'm not the landowner there anymore? Or would the 'Palestinians' still consider me the landowner? Hmmm.

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Jerusalem Light Rail CEO says he was ordered not to report 'Palestinian' terrorism

The CEO of Jerusalem's light rail system and a housing ministry official say that Jerusalem police and the Housing Ministry have been attempting to cover up 'Palestinian' terrorism in the 'eastern part' of the city.
Police requested that CityPass not report rock throwing attacks against the light rail because it harms police and encourages the offenders, CityPass CEO Yaron Ravid told Israel Radio, which reported Tuesday that there have been no reports to the media by police or CityPass of violent attacks against the light rail over the last two weeks even though numerous incidents have occurred. Throughout the day Tuesday, the train was attacked by rock throwers three times.
When contacted for a response, police acknowledged that there had been 13 instances of attackers throwing rocks at the train and two arrests, one of which resulted in an indictment. In addition, police said, 75 people have been arrested on suspicion of rioting.
“Ongoing efforts require patience and persistence and are already proving themselves,” the police said in a statement. “Jerusalem Police will continue its operation against rioters, which will lead to a decrease in incidents and quiet in the area.”
The alleged directive against reporting violent incidents has not been limited to the light rail, according to an official from the Housing Ministry, who was quoted by Israel Radio as saying that guards employed by the ministry have been instructed not to report rock throwing incidents in East Jerusalem in order not to discourage Jews from living in mixed neighborhoods.
That's why you haven't heard about a lot more incidents like this one. Or this one. And there may be a lot more lies they've been telling us. Read the whole thing.

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Iranian Revolutionary Guard murdered Iran nuke scientist, blamed Israel

An Iranian nuclear scientist who was gassed to death in 2007 was murdered by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and not assassinated by Israel as was claimed at the time (Hat Tip: Honest Reporting). The reason for his murder was his refusal to cooperate in Iran's nuclear weapons program.
When Iranian scientist Dr. Ardeshir Hosseinpour was killed in February 2007, the cause of death was reported to be “gassing” and most presumed the act was carried out by Israel. That belief stood, largely because of Iranian accusations to that effect; and because of Israeli policy to neither confirm nor deny such acts. But now, seven years later, Mahboobeh Hosseinpour has come forward with the claim that the IRI was behind her brother’s death because of his refusal to be involved in Iran’s nuclear enrichment program whose use was for atomic purposes.

If Hosseinpour’s account can be confirmed, it could have impact on the next round of between Iran and the P5+1 -- the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany.

Speaking to The Media Line from Turkey via Skype in a conversation arranged by the Iranian opposition group The New Iran, 52-year old Mahboobeh Hosseinpour said that she learned through her sister-in-law, Sara Araghi, of her brother’s secret research, and particularly about a DVD which contained research and formulas for building an atomic bomb 12 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb and methods for neutralizing it.

Mahmoobeh Hosseinpour learned that her brother was contacted in November 2004 by three special agents of IRI’s Defense Department with a personal message from IRI’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, enlisting him to work on increasing IRI’s uranium enrichment capabilities for the purpose of building atomic weapons; and with a secondary goal of teaching and supervising Russian and North Korean scientists in order to accelerate the project. Speaking about her brother, Hosseinpour said that “he was offered a two star rank in the revolutionary guard and ownership of factories,” if he agreed.

Mrs. Hossenpour told The Media Line that Israel did not kill her brother but the IRI did, allegedly because he would not co-operate with them, claiming those projects would result in serious financial damage for the people of the Iran as well as the international community.
Read the whole thing. It's been clear all along that Iran is after nuclear weapons. This makes it even clearer.

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This is rich: Hillel, J Street University and Students for 'Justice' in 'Palestine' sponsor an event together

And you thought that Hillel would have nothing to do with Students for 'Justice' in 'Palestine' and other anti-Zionist groups, and that's why 'Open Hillel' was started. And you also thought that 'pro-Israel, pro-peace' J Street wouldn't partner with groups that promote BDS. Well, you were wrong. And what started on the east coast has now come to the west coast.
Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a club new to Occidental this year, collaborated with Hillel and J Street last Wednesday to co-host a candlelight vigil mourning the lives lost in the most recent Gaza-Israel conflict. Approximately 30 members of the Occidental community gathered in the middle of the Quad in remembrance of those killed, and also in a stand of solidarity.
The Gaza-Israel war has left many like-minded students shaken and questioning the cyclical, systematic nature of the violence, prompting the idea for the on-campus vigil.
“Yes, we need to remember lives of the people that were lost, but [the vigil] is also to draw in people and give them the sense that this has got to stop,” Beebe Sanders (senior) said.
Testimonials read aloud at the vigil gave the gathering a closer view of the horrors that have become Israelis’ and Palestinians’ reality. One such account was from the perspective of a father, who witnessed the bombing of his house while his children were inside.
“Our main goals were that people walk away with a sense of togetherness, with a sense that as Americans, as all people, we have some investment in this conflict,” J Street Co-Chair Ben Poor (senior) said. “I hope people felt that they had a chance to mourn and to reflect on the events of this summer as a campus community.”
The collaborative event served as an introduction to SJP, which was established by Sanders, seniors Janan Burni and Robert Rodriguez-Donoso and Yasmine Dabbah (sophomore). SJP is a national organization established in 2001 with more than 80 chapters, the purpose of which is to advocate for human rights and a peaceful resolution to the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
“We wanted to start SJP because we felt there was a lack of voice for Palestine on issues such as human rights and advocating for an end to the occupation,” Sanders said.
You American Jews keep blindly donating money to Federation to support this, okay?  But at least call Hillel to register a protest!?!?!

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Video: 'Palestinian' terrorists attack Jewish day care center in Jerusalem

This video was shot earlier today near the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. The apartment at which these 'Palestinian' terrorists are throwing stones serves as a day care center for Jewish infants and children who live in the area.

Let's go to the videotape.


More here (link in Hebrew). Fortunately, it seems that no one was hurt.

There is a protest at the Ger section of the Mount of Olives cemetery at 4:00 pm today.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu has a veal chop with Sheldon Adelson

The New York Post reports that after his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, Prime Minister Netanyahu had lunch with Sheldon Adelson (Hat Tip: Kikar Shabbat (link in Hebrew)).
Spies tell us that Bibi arrived at the small lunch hosted by Las Vegas casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson for five people, for which “every single customer at the restaurant had to go through a metal detector,” as the leader was flanked by Israeli and American guards.
“The entire block was closed,” the spy said, adding, “There were even Secret Service men on the roof.”
We hear that Netanyahu opted for a veal chop as he held court.
The restaurant at which they ate was not a pricey midtown Manhattan Kosher restaurant. It's called Fresco by Scotto and it's on East 52nd Street.  Here's a link to the lunch menu. You will note that it includes items like Meat and Cheese Antipasto, Fresco Crab Cake Gnudi and a couple of lobster dishes. The Meat and Cheese Antipasto includes something called capicola. I had to look that one up with Mr. Google, but Capicola, or coppa, is a traditional Neapolitan Italian cold cut (salume) made from pork shoulder or neck and dry-cured whole.

The average non-religious Israeli who might eat dairy products or fish (not those kinds of fish) in non-Kosher restaurants would likely not be caught dead in such a restaurant except with a sealed Kosher airline meal. Was Netanyahu's veal chop provided by El Al?

Non-religious Israelis in general are much less willing to abandon traditional Judaism than are their American counterparts.

I like Adelson's politics. I don't like his choice in restaurants. There are several Kosher restaurants in Manhattan (and in the midtown area) that are at least as upscale as this one. Here's one I've been to several times and here's another I'm still waiting to be treated to.  The second one is four city blocks from where Netanyahu and Adelson ate.

Prime Ministers in Israel have fallen for less. Hmmm.

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'If we were serious about fighting Islamic terror, we wouldn't have Turkey as a partner'

Jonathan Schanzer has a devastating expose on Turkey's role in supporting and 'combating' Islamic terror - both at the same time.
Turkey's lax border policies have enabled ISIS to finance and arm its fighters in Syria; ISIS cells are now operating throughout Turkey.
And Turkey also helped Iran, a state sponsor of terror, evade sanctions to the tune of billions of dollars in 2012 and 2013. Yet this week, Turkey chaired the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum in New York.
It could be an item from The Onion — except it's not satire.
Launched in 2011 after the failure of previous multilateral groups to tackle terrorism, the 30-country GCTF has itself become a farce — not least because Turkey is the co-chair, along with the United States.
Turkey holds this honor because of its rare qualities: It is a Muslim country that is a trusted US and NATO ally.
But it has also become a hub for terrorist recruiting and support — most definitely including ISIS recruiting and support, as The New York Times has reported.
Yet the GCTF promotes Turkey as part of the solution, rather than a core part of the problem.
Nor are the problems new. In 2012, Turkey blocked Israel from joining the GCTF, though the Jewish state has vast anti-terrorist experience and intelligence.
Equally absurd, GCTF members include Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, all three of which help fund or otherwise sponsor terrorism.
What's amazing about this is not the positions that Turkey has taken (they're actually quite consistent), but rather the fact that both the US Congress and the media have mostly been silent about it.

Read the whole thing.

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Jewish construction worker murdered by 'Palestinian' co-worker who cut his rope

It took two weeks, but police now suspect that Jewish construction worker Netanel Arami HY"D (May God Avenge his blood) was murdered when a 'Palestinian' co-worker cut the rope from which he was suspended, sending him plunging 11 stories to his death.

This is from the original report from two weeks ago (the second link).
The few details known about the event so far, according to Walla! News, hint that Arami's fall may not have been accidental. Armi worked at the site along with fellow worker Liron Ovadiah in the hours before the fall, according to the daily, and was first noticed to have been missing after he did not show up for a planned ride home. One worker returned to the construction site to search for him and found him laying dead on the ground. 
Both Arami and Ovadiah were to close the vent caps of the security rooms spread along the length of the building, which is being built on Shraga Naftali Street. Due to the complexity in assembling the building's scaffolding, contractors have asked the workers to put up the structure using abseiling, or a form of rappelling along the outside of the building. 
For several hours they worked on the site, and were due to end at 5:00 pm. At that time, Arami - hanging from cables on the 11th floor via a harness - asked his employees to prepare for the end of the day and pack up.  
After the fall, and after he was was found lifeless on the ground, Arami's colleagues called an ambulance, but the Portable Intensive Care Unit at the scene pronounced him dead shortly thereafter.
The police now know a lot more. This is from the first link.
Police investigators think an Arab co-worker at the site cut the rope that Arami was connected to as he rapelled down the side of the building.
Arami, 27, owned a small rapelling business which he had been running for several years.
MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud), who visited the grieving Arami family shortly after Netanel's death, was convinced from the outset that he was murdered. “For five hours, Netanel lay crushed on the ground,” wrote. His mother learned of the accident from news site Ynet,” he wrote on Facebook. Netanel's co-worker “arrived there with the police. They went up to the roof and found the slashed rope, heard the Arabs laughing. A rapelling rope that has been cut looks completely different from one that was worn out. And there are two of them – one main rope and one for security.”
Feiglin hinted broadly that the gag order placed on details of the investigation was unjustified. “What is there to hide here except the wish to block, to cover the eyes of the public?”
There's much more: The police handling of this entire case was apparently grossly negligent. Read the whole thing

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The moral authority to destroy the Met

One of the best letters to the editor you will ever see was written to the New York Times in response to its editorial in favor of 'The Death of Klinghoffer.' It was written by Judea Pearl, the father of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl HY"D (May God Avenge his blood).
In joining protesters of the New York Metropolitan Opera’s production of “The Death of Klinghoffer,” I echo the silenced voice of our son, Daniel Pearl, and the silenced voices of other victims of terror who were murdered, maimed or left heartbroken by the new menace of our generation, a savagery that the Met has decided to elevate to a normative, two-sided status worthy of artistic expression.
We are told that the composer tried to understand the hijackers, their motivations and their grievances.
I submit that there has never been a crime in human history lacking grievance and motivation. The 9/11 lunatics had profound motivations, and the murderers of our son, Daniel Pearl, had very compelling “grievances.”
In the last few weeks we have seen with our own eyes that Hamas and the Islamic State have grievances, too. There is nothing more enticing to a would-be terrorist than the prospect of broadcasting his “grievances” in Lincoln Center, the icon of American culture.
Yet civilized society has learned to protect itself by codifying right from wrong, separating the holy from the profane, distinguishing that which deserves the sound of orchestras from that which commands our unconditional revulsion. The Met has trashed this distinction and thus betrayed its contract with society.
Read the whole thing.

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Another Islamic bomb in the making?

Daniel Pipes links an article from Germany's Die Welt which claims that Turkey is developing a nuclear bomb (Hat Tip: Joshua I).

Will the 'anti-nuclear' Obama try to reign in his 'Best Friend Forever'? What could go wrong?

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Netanyahu at United Nations: 'Would you let terrorists fire rockets at your cities'?

Prime Minister Netanyahu was superb at the UN on Monday night. It's well worth the 35 minutes to watch this video.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Ezra S).

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh my... Haaretz op-ed admits that the Left is free to speak in Israel but cannot make a case

An op-ed in Haaretz debunks an op-ed in the New York Times that claims that the Left in Israel has been terrorized into silence.
As I write this, the most-emailed post on the New York Times website is a short piece called “How Israel Silences Dissent,” by Mairav Zonszein who, like me, moved to Israel from America where she was born. And like me, she is a leftist and a political activist. Zonszein describes a small group of thugs who mixed it up with Tel Aviv peace demonstrators at the start of the Gaza war, a death threat phoned into a theater against a renowned 75 year old stage actress, Gila Almagor, after a newspaper reported that the grotesque murder and immolation of a Palestinian teen in Jerusalem left her embarrassed to be an Israeli, the cancelling of an endorsement deal for a gifted comedian, Orna Banai, after she expressed sympathy for Gazan kids, and threats against a Haaretz journalist, Gideon Levy, who described Israeli pilots as war criminals. All these, Zonszein wrote, demonstrate “the aggressive silencing of anyone who voices disapproval of Israeli policies or expresses empathy with Palestinians.”
The thing is, they don’t.
Don’t get me wrong; they’re terrible.... My stomach churned when I watched, heard and read all these things, just as Zonszein’s did.
But then, that’s the point: I watched, heard and read all these things. The criticisms reached me. The criticisms of the criticisms reached me. Discussion of the criticism and of the criticisms of the criticisms reached me. No one was silenced. The week after thugs punched three demonstrators, there was another demonstration, this one larger, and protected by more police. The actress, the comedian and the journalist received hours of airtime and hundreds of column inches. The murder of the Palestinian kid in Jerusalem was condemned by multitudes, including the parents of the three Israeli boys who were murdered weeks earlier.
Although most Israelis supported the war in Gaza, especially at the start, there were voices of dissent in all media and especially on the internet....
The simple fact is, a lot of the media, and a lot of academia, and a lot of NGOs and civil society in Israel lean left, and sometimes far left. We have ways of expressing ourselves, and we did express ourselves. I was not intimidated. The thugs did not keep me away from the demonstrations, and did not make me too fearful to bring my kids along. If we’re honest, the dozen right-wing bullies shouting threats infuriated lots of us, but they intimidated no one. Leftist Israelis may not have shown as much anguish or empathy as Zonszein thinks we should have. But that was not because we were aggressively silenced. Perhaps we were too silent, but not because we were silenced.
But we haven’t been silenced. We’ve just failed to make our case. For a dozen years, we have failed to win a majority in the Knesset. We have failed to convince other Israelis that the cost of holding onto the occupied territories is greater than the dangers of relinquishing them. In Zonszein’s analysis, this is because a right-wing cabal has shut us up, and there’s little we can do about it.
The truth is, we’ve failed because we’ve failed, and there is a lot we can do about it. Rather than whine in the New York Times about how we’ve been silenced, we need to figure out how to speak to other Israelis so that they will listen. The answer is not to convince readers of the New York Times that Israel is no longer a democracy. The answer is to accept that Israel is a democracy, and that democracy demands that we speak to our fellow citizens and listen to them, that we persuade them rather than dismiss them. Zonszein argues that democratic politics in Israel are hopeless. The fact is, it is in Israeli democracy that our greatest hope lies.
The writer, Noah Efron doesn't seem to acknowledge the possibility that maybe the Left has failed because most Israelis have realized that its ideas are not workable. Ideas don't just fail because they're not well presented - sometimes they fail because they're just plain wrong. But at least he recognizes that the Left has had the opportunity to present its ideas. Maybe one day others on the Left will reach the same epiphany.

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Obama's double standard

In Syria, the United States military is acting in precisely the manner in which Israel has often been accused of acting. And Obama has condemned Israel for those same actions.
U.S.-led air strikes hit grain silos and other targets in Islamic State-controlled territory in northern and eastern Syria overnight, killing civilians and wounding militants, a group monitoring the war said on Monday.
The aircraft may have mistaken the mills and grain storage areas in the northern Syrian town of Manbij for an Islamic State base, said the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. There was no immediate comment from Washington.
The strikes in Manbij appeared to have killed only civilians, not fighters, said Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Observatory which gathers information from sources in Syria.
"These were the workers at the silos. They provide food for the people," he said. He could not give a number of casualties and it was not immediately possible to verify the information. 
In eastern Syria, U.S.-led forces bombed a gas plant controlled by the Islamic State outside Deir al-Zor city, wounding several of the militant group's fighters, the Observatory said.
The United States has said it wants strikes to target oil facilities held by Islamic State to try to stem a source of revenues for the group.
The raid hit Kuniko gas plant, which feeds a power station in Homs that provides several provinces with electricity and powers oil fields generators, the Observatory said.
I want to make it clear that I have no problem with classifying grain silos or gas plants as military targets. Depending on how they're being used, that classification could well be accurate. In fact, there's something to be said for targeting an opposing army's sources of fuel and food.

But it's hypocritical for Obama to condemn Israel for doing the exact same thing in Gaza. And it's not the first time Obama has done it.

Let's go to the videotape. Make sure to check out Scott Shane around the five-minute mark. Obama was very unhappy when Israel claimed that all of the male casualties between the ages of 18 and 40 in Gaza were probably terrorists.


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Must see video interview of Israeli reporter who regularly travels the Arab world

Just before leaving for Syria, Jerusalem reporter Jonathan Spyer tells Voice of Israel's Eve Harow why a local recently told him, 'Suria Rach,' or 'Syria is gone.' A must listen for anyone interested in the current chaotic state of the Levant.

This video is the first of two parts. The second one will follow below.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Gloria Center).

Here's the second part. Let's go to the videotape.

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Who's going to buy me one of these?

I want one of these. Any of you want to buy it for me, please? Size Large.

In case more than one person responds, I'm sure at lease some of my children will want one too.... And maybe even the grandchildren....

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Netanyahu meets with Indian Prime Minister Modi

This could be big - really big. On the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly on Sunday night, Prime Minister Netanyahu met with Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. This is from Modi's website.
The two leaders reviewed the robust relationship, and rapidly growing trade. They also discussed how ties could be further expanded. The Israeli side briefed the Prime Minister on their perception of the situation in West Asia.

Defence ties and cooperation in the field of computer software, and cyber security were also discussed.
Issues of water management and agriculture in arid areas came up for discussion, with Israel offering to share its technology in this regard. The Prime Minister also outlined his vision of waste water management and solid waste management in 500 towns across India.
The Israeli Prime Minister extended an invitation to Shri Narendra Modi to visit Israel.
How big could this be? Consider the following:
A sign of the ties between India and Israel becoming closer is the refusal of the Modi government to condemn Israel in parliament for its actions in the Gaza as demanded by the Congress and some other parties. This led to a walkout from the Lok Sabha by the Congress and two other parties. Modi has not held meetings with Palestinian or other West Asian leaders during his visit here.
In discussing defence relations, Modi told Netanyahu about his "Make in India" program and pointed out that 49 percent investment was possible in defence industries, Syed Akbaruddin, the External Affairs Ministry spokesman said. Cooperation in cybersecurity was also discussed.
Modi made a pitch for Israeli investments and they discussed boosting bilateral trade that now stands at about 6 billion US dollars.
While discussing cooperation in the fields of software and computers, Netanyahu mentioned that when he had worked in areas relating to technology he found in California that a large number of workers were Indians or Israelis.
Modi told him - and an earlier delegation of Jewish leaders from the American Jewish Congress - that India is proud of its tradition of tolerance towards Jews and and absence of discrimination against them. Netanyahu and the Jewish leaders acknowledged that anti-Semitism was never in India.
This could be huge - both economically and politically.  As Netanyahu said, the sky's the limit. Keep an eye on this one.

By the way, lately I have noticed that I have several new Twitter followers from India. Hmmm.

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Hurray for liberal logic!

More here.

Hat Tip for image here.

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