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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Breaking: Oh my... Tanzania and Croatia insist on secret ballot on UNESCO resolution - UPDATED ONLY 10 OUT OF 21 IN FAVOR

UNESCO's World Heritage Committee is meeting now, and despite insistence by Lebanon and Cuba that its resolution denying the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount be adopted by 'consensus,' there is going to be a secret ballot due to the insistence of Tanzania and Croatia.


Indeed. Out of 21 UNESCO countries only 10 voted in favor of the resolution.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

'Palestinians' threaten members of UNESCO World Heritage Committee over Jerusalem vote

It's not the first time that the 'Palestinians' have threatened seemingly stronger countries to kotow them to do their bidding. But it's certainly one of the most blatant instances. There's a vote of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee coming up tomorrow that would once again deny the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount. And in light of comments about last week's vote made by Mexico, Brazil and Italy (none of which have a vote tomorrow), the 'Palestinian Authority' is making sure with threats that UNESCO's World Heritage Committee toes the line.
The resolution, which refers to the Temple Mount solely by its Muslim name of Al-Haram Al Sharif, is expected to be approved by the committee at its 40th session.

But in light of public statements on such resolutions made last week by Italy, Mexico and Brazil, the Palestinians want the resolution to pass by consensus, with the full support of all 21 member states of the World Heritage Committee (WHC).

On Monday, they sent a letter to committee members asking them to submit their positions on the resolution by noon Tuesday.

“Otherwise, the delegation of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the delegation of Palestine would and according to the rules of procedure be obliged to consider other options,” they stated.

Without pledges of a consensus approval, the Palestinians and Jordanians plan to resubmit a text with language that was even more problematic to Israel, explained Israel’s Ambassador to UNESCO Carmel Shama-Hacohen.

Wednesday’s vote, had initially been scheduled to take place in Istanbul in July, but the failed coup in Turkey cut that session short.

At the time, the Palestinians and the Jordanians had worked out a consensus text which they understood had the support of the European Union and the WHC.

In their letter, they reminded WHC members of this agreement and said, “At the beginning of the current WHC40 session, we learned that a few member states are still hesitant whether they can commit to our agreement in Istanbul or not.”

The Jordanians and the Palestinians said that they understood this “hesitance as a retreat from the consensual language.”

Shama-Hacohen said in response that “the Palestinians and the Arab states understand that after Mexico and Italy there might be more unpleasant surprises."

“They are broadcasting a message that says don’t abandon us or we’ll burn the house down with extremist anti-Israel resolutions,” said Shama-Hacohen. He added that such resolutions would only cause tremendous damage to UNESCO, under whose umbrella the WHC operates.
Just so totally shocked to hear UNESCO approves living a lie. 

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Yuge increase in US citizens registering to vote from Israel in US elections

The number of US citizens who have registered to vote from Israel in the upcoming US Presidential election is now approximately 120,000, as compared with 75,000 in 2012. Republicans are pleased, because most Americans in Israel tend to vote Republican - meaning for Donald Trump.
Republicans see this as a net success, since they estimate that the vast majority of US citizens living in Israel would prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton.
Senior trump campaign staffers arrived in Israel in recent days to meet the party's strategic team in the Holy Land. They will help them prepare for the presidential campaign's final stretch, which will include events in Israel.
There are grounds for that optimism

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Israel's Channel 10 has a reporter in Mosul


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Video: Muslims use Ben Gurion Airport synagogue as mosque, prayer shawls as prayer rugs

This disturbing video was shot in the Ben Gurion Airport synagogue, apparently on Sunday night or Monday morning. I first saw it on Facebook last night when the holiday ended.

Let's go to the videotape. More after the video.

To me, the question is why the airport synagogue was open at all on a day when it was clear that there were not going to be any Orthodox Jews passing through. Chabad is in charge of the synagogue, and someone ought to make sure that they see this video if they have not already.

According to the Facebook post, the Muslims in the video are Turkish and wandered into the synagogue by 'accident.' There are several night flights to Istanbul from Ben Gurion on Turkish Airlines....

Still, this is disgraceful.

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Only in Israel....

A message just received from my cellular telephone provider (no, that's not what my phone looks like):
Shalom, winter day light savings in Israel will go into effect on October 30th, 2016 at 02:00 and the clock will be set back one hour. In order to avoid disruptions in setting the the time on this date it is recommended to set your handset's clock immediately and no later than October 30th, 2016  Manual Mode and to adjust it to the Athens-Greece time zone.  Following the change to winter daylight savings you should reset the clock's settings of your handset to automatic mode and to the Jerusalem time zone. For more information call the customers service center at *0058. Sincerely, Golan Telecom.
Because they always get it right.... 

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Obama asks Abu Mazen to wait until after November 8

If anyone out there doesn't yet believe that President Hussein Obama is planning a nasty November surprise for Israel, please consider this:
On the surface, the latest message to the Palestinian Authority from the Obama administration is no different from the past two decades of American policy: the U.S. will veto any resolution attacking Israel or demanding Palestinian independence without them first making peace with the Jewish state. But, as Haaretz reported, there was one significant caveat to the warning. They were told not to push for any such resolution until after the presidential election next month.
The “senior Palestinian official” who spoke of this message to Haaretz said PA leader Mahmoud Abbas had “no illusions and no expectations” that the U.S. wouldn’t veto any resolution they put forward. They also thought Washington might not have any plan of its own ready. “All we know is that there are ideas.” But the significance of those “ideas” is a function of the time frame enunciated by the administration.
If President Obama had no plans to use his last two months in office to launch some kind of a diplomatic initiative on the Middle East or to stick it to the Israelis and his longtime antagonist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, then why would he even mention the election? Were the U.S. to keep faith with the Israelis, the Palestinians would just be told that there would be no change in American policy. Period. Abbas and the PA would be put on notice that, if they actually had any desire for peace or hope of future independence, they should do what they promised to do in the Oslo Accords: head back into direct negotiations with the Israelis.
Yet nothing the Palestinians have done has been enough to cause Obama to rethink the mistaken assumption he brought with him into the White House in January 2009. He still thinks creating more daylight between the U.S. and Israel is the best path to peace, or, at least, is the stance that reflects his personal inclinations. That’s why he’s still flirting with the idea of using the lame duck period between the presidential election and the inauguration of his successor to put forward some kind of plan to pressure Israel, or even going as far as betraying the Jewish state at the UN by allowing a pro-Palestinian resolution to pass without an American veto. Earlier this month, Secretary of State Kerry told Netanyahu that the administration was still thinking about it. Now they’ve told the Palestinians to hold their fire until November 9th. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to connect the dots and realize that there is an excellent chance that Obama will finally make good on this threat. The president may make a gesture before leaving office that will damage the U.S.-Israel alliance in a way that even a less hostile president won’t be able to completely undo.
Asking the Palestinians to wait until after the election is a reflection of the fact that Obama knows any move against Israel would hurt Hillary Clinton. But with only 18 days to go until the election, friends of Israel–both Republicans and especially Democrats–need to use this time to speak up against any last minute betrayal of Israel.
Which Democrats will speak out against any last minute betrayal of Israel? Surely not Hillary Clinton.

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3 'Palestinians' arrested for visiting Israeli Sukkah... by 'Palestinian Authority'

Moadim l'simcha - a happy holiday, and pithka tava - a good note - to all of you as it's Hoshana Rabba night.

On Thursday evening, three 'Palestinians' were arrested for visiting an Israeli Sukkah.

Let's go to the videotape.

Sorry, but no, that was not the 'Palestinian' arrested for visiting an Israeli Sukkah. Here's the real story.
The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) security forces arrested three Palestinian Arabs from the Gush Etzion area who “dared” to visit the sukkah of Oded Revivi, mayor of the town of Efrat.
Channel 2 News reported on Thursday evening that the Arabs who were arrested were questioned over allegations they met with "baby-killers", an apparent reference to General Nitzan Alon, the head of the IDF's Operations Directorate, and the Shai District Police Commander, who were also guests in the same sukkah.
Revivi said on Thursday evening, “Yesterday we sat in the sukkah - Jews and Muslims. We ate, drank and talked about common themes and our hope for a better neighborhood and for peace. Today the PA summoned some of the Muslim guests for questioning.
“All those who pressure the Israeli government to enter a peace process with the Palestinian Authority should be reminded that they behave in a way that does the opposite of encouraging peace with their Jewish neighbors,” continued Revivi. “An authority which names squares after suicide bombers and summons for questioning citizens who drink coffee and talk about peace with their Jewish neighbors is not one that promotes peace.
“I salute my neighbors who were not afraid to come to our sukkah yesterday, to talk about peace, who asked to be photographed and to show the world that they are brave enough to stand up for peace,” he stressed.
Indeed. But none of that will stop President Hussein Obama from trying to give them their 'state' before he leaves office. Post on that coming soon.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Rabbi Mendel Kessin on the upcoming election

Here is Rabbi Mendel Kessin talking about how he thinks Jews should vote in the upcoming US election and why. Caveat: This was apparently recorded before the release of the Donald Trump 'talkin' dirty' tape, but I doubt that would change Rabbi Kessin's mine (anyone with evidence to the contrary is invited to put it in the comments).

Let's go to the videotape.

By the way, Rabbi Kessin's biography may be found here.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trump and Pence to speak out at Jerusalem rally against #UNESCO_Lies, but not at Aish HaTorah

The Republican party is looking for a new location for a Jerusalem rally at which candidates Donald Trump and Mike Pence will speak via satellite, after Aish HaTorah backed out of hosting it.
Aish HaTorah rejected a request by the Republican Party to host a rally with speeches by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence next Wednesday after The Jerusalem Post reported exclusively that the event would be held on the organization's rooftop over-looking the Western Wall.

Trump and Pence agreed to speak via satellite at the rally which was billed as an event calling for the strengthening of Jerusalem following UNESCO's controversial decision about the city.

"We decided not to do the event, because Aish is a non-profit that doesn't get involved in partisan politics," Aish director general Rabbi Steven Burg told the Post.

Burg said Aish would do its own event in response to UNESCO "because the real issue is an unjust decision trying to erase the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount." Burg posted The Jerusalem Post article about the rally on Facebook explaining that Aish has decided not to host the event.
He said that he had received protest letters. There was also an outcry on Twitter.
 Maybe Trump should just come here and visit the Kotel (Western Wall). That's what Romney did.

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